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About Me


I'm a freelance photographer based in Glendale, California. I received my bachelor's degree in film production with emphasis in cinematography and editing from California State University, Northridge. Growing up, photography was always my favorite pastime; I found beauty and hidden stories in everyday images. I chose to pursue my passion in photography as a career once I realized I excelled in capturing the magic of the moment in my shots. 

Now in my fifteenth year of professional photography, I believe more than ever in customer satisfaction. I work closely with my clients to get to know them and to create a comfortable environment where I can memorialize their special moments and capture their true emotions without staging them.

My areas of emphasis are weddings and portrait photography. I work mostly in the Los Angeles metro, but will travel for destination weddings. I'm also an avid traveler, and have an extensive portfolio of travel photography. 

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Tel: 818.388.6087

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